HD Pro MFP - Z6

CCD Scanning Technology

Exceptional Image Reproduction

Reproduce colors with excellent accuracy, using the HP DesignJet HD Pro Multifunction Printer and CCD technology. This 44-inch (1118-mm) multifunction printer simplifies operation and boosts productivity for high-speed results in high definition.

More For Your Money

  • Reproduce colors with excellent accuracy with CCD technology that enables highquality color scanning/copying.
  • Efficiently handle complex images with an advanced five-camera system that captures detail in high precision.
  • Scan maps, orthophotos, and technical drawings—even if old and damaged—with CCD technology for great results.
  • Create large-format color and black-andwhite scans up to 42-in (1067-mm) wide on thick, rigid media.
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6-in/sec (150-mm/sec) color scan speed

Up to 42-inch (1067-mm) scan and copy width

High definition scan, copy, and print

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HD Pro MFP - Z6 Specifications

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