Join Our All-Inclusive Cost Assurance Program

Our affordable All-Inclusive Cost Assurance Program gives you the convenience and luxury of having a new printer/plotter/scanner without breaking the bank. Starr Image Product’s Cost Assurance is the answer if you need new equipment, but can’t afford to blow a paycheck.

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The Perfect Maintenance Program

Our store provides all of the machines, supplies to operate them, and team to service them all for one low cost a month. If you’re interested in our convenient Cost Assurance program contact us to enroll or seek more information!

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We are a family owned business that strives to supply the customer with the utmost quality service. We promise to exceed expectations and guarantee satisfaction! If you aren’t sure about what supplies you need, come in and speak to one of our technicians!

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If your printer isn’t working like it should, bring it to us! Our technicians are trained and have the ability to repair a variety of problems for our printers. For pricing, availability, or any other questions and concerns you might have, send us an email!